Delivery day 18

S 35°45.235’ W 009°06.311’

Everyone is missing the sunny weather, otherwise not much on board has changed. There is little to no activity besides the daily duties. Basically the atmosphere is drowsy and cold, but kept alive by those favourite playlist on various devices, and good natured teasing.

The tack we are on is less ideal for using both the galley and the heads; the tilt makes food more likely to fall out of the oven because of the way it is weighted, and the toilet seat has a mind of its own… wanting to fall closed on any unfortunately desperate sailor.

I especially mentioned the tilting oven spilling food because of last nights supper. Roasted potatoes were attempted, and competed, and emptied all over the galley floor.

Thankfully all was not lost- they were salvageable- and perfect for potato salad. Our potatoes are now finished, and we’re onto smash and pasta.

Today, rob broke the record for most Marie Biscuits eaten in a minute, by shoving a stack of five in his mouth and chewing with great intensity.

This afternoon we saw a turtle bobbing about and doing turtle things. Sightings like this always make us feel less isolated on the boat. However the catch of the day did not have this same effect, as it was not a fish that Warrick reeled in- but rather a drifting piece of plastic.

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