Vasco da Gama Race 2016

4 Groups visited JMLRS

4 Scout Groups visited the JML Rotary Scout Read more

Vasco da Gama – PE to Mossel Bay

Vasco da Gama - PE to Mossel Bay - Thanks a mil guys By Keith Shearer of 1st Knysna Sea Scouts Hey Tony, Ja been out of Facebook a while. I wasn’t too sure how to comment on this thing … joy, fear or education. So to put something in words, I thought I’d just try and explain to you about my cup of tea at sea. Now that sounds like a simple thing, but you need to start by understanding that a cup ... Read more

Rotary Scout outing

Rotary Scout outing By Garth Kloppenborg Dear All. Three Troops had wonderful time on Saturday 16th April, each having their own time slots to go out and sail around the Bay on Rotary Scout. The weather was fine, clear skies, warm with a light breeze which faded in the later afternoon. Thanks to Grant Chapman for flying up to Durban for the day to skipper the yacht around the Bay and giving the scouts and scouters an opportunity to experience sailing on Rotary Scout. I ... Read more

Vasco da Gama – Leg 3

Vasco da Gama - Leg 3 By Nicholas Chapman Before we left Mossel Bay we encountered some engine problems. Luckily the yacht berthed next to us allowed us to jump start our engine using their battery. We nevertheless decided to buy a spare battery given the continuous problems we seem to be having with the engine recently. This delayed our departure time from 07:30 to 10:30. We also loaded our new tender onboard. Once the engine was sorted, we finally motored out of Mossel ... Read more

Vasco da Gama – Leg 1

Vasco da Gama - Leg 1 By Daniel Skriker “It’s the set of the sails and not the gales that determines the way you go” As true as this may be, when there are no gales you cannot set your sails… This voyage has been an interesting one to say the least. On Friday, we set out from Cape Town at 17:30, two and a half hours after our expected time of departure due to engine problems. We were bound for Mossel Bay on ... Read more
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