Sailing programme

Scouts sailing programme

Young scouts on Rotary Scout for the first time

The yacht has a very active sailing programme. Youth are taken sailing most weekends with only bad weather and maintenance preventing going to sea.

Through their experiences on the water the youth acquire valuable life skills. The youth push the boundaries of their personal courage and learn to overcome challenges, such as fatigue and seasickness, developing team work and leadership skills in a nurturing environment that places great emphasis on safety.

In association with the Cape Department of Education over the last 18 months the Scouts have presented a two day “Marine Awareness” progamme to nearly 600 High School Youth.

The programme involved camping at the Sea Scout Base, learning about marine pollution, basic stargazing, basic navigation principles, basic sailing theory, a visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium and a sail on board JML Rotary Scout.

Scouts Sailing

Learning through experience

Some of our Volunteers who give up their time to make a success of the project

There are no age limits for scouts on the boat

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