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Day 4 – 6

Days 4-6 Our spirits were high as the swell became smaller on the morning of day 4, and we were able to fly the spinnaker. This was very satisfying for everyone and we sped along in good cheer. This same cheer was amplified by cheese and jam sandwiches at lunch time. The jam was finished, but Kyle was determined to have a PB&J, so a hangry teenager spent a good few minutes scraping a jam tin. We took the spinnaker down and poled ... Read more

Day 3 – Life Skills

Day 3: Life Skills Today we learned many things, being out at sea. Ewan now knows how to peel an orange, and Kyle has had personal experience with disposing of toilet paper and blowbacks. Rory decided to share the remainder of his porridge… with Tyla’s pants. For supper we ate the last of our prepared pasta with butter beans, followed by peaches and ultra-mel. We’ve been eating a lot of fruit, and if you wanted to follow us you would only need ... Read more

Day 2 – The awakening

Day 2 - The awakening After oranges and apples for lunch yesterday, the crew more or less found their feet. We reached the trade winds, but the swells were still reaching up 4 - 5 meters and all over the place. The sea is becoming progressively bluer as we head into the trade winds, and occasional sightings of pertrels, gulls, albatrosses, gannets, dolphins and flying fish. A few fishing and shipping boats have been sighted. We finished the pasta bolognaise for ... Read more

Day 1

St Helena 2018 Bog – Day 1 After a good start and heading towards Robben Island and go round it, so that we could head West, the wind started playing games. It fell as low as 4 knots at times and the heavier boats like ours could only reach thus going one way or the other and not going anywhere. Eventually the wind filled in enough for us to get past Robben Island and on course of the waypoint we had selected. ... Read more

Cape Town to St Helena – Race Start

Cape Town to St Helena - Race Start Some pics from the start of the race. Read more