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Thursday 29th to Friday 30th December 2016

Thursday 29th to Friday 30th December 2016 From the early morning we had good sailing with the heavier white spinnaker under reasonably controllable conditions and then we had a couple of near broaches that we saved by “smoking the guy”, i.e. releasing the line to the spinnaker clew that passes through the beak of the pole to de-power the spinnaker. The only problem was that the second time we did this the guy was released entirely, resulting in the spinnaker wrapping around ... Read more

Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th December 2016

Tuesday 27th to Wednesday 28th December 2016 In the late afternoon we spotted a big Yellowtail following very closely behind the boat and then a couple of minutes later both bungee lines with skirt lures were taken by a Yellowtail, one quite a bit bigger than the other. Pulling in the smaller one by hand it dropped off the lure as we tried to get it on board so we gaffed the big one to ensure that we had it for supper, ... Read more

Monday 26th December 2016

Monday 26th December 2016   After several months of frenetic activity preparing the boat for the race and discussing what to expect among the crew we all finally gathered mid-morning on the start day at the RCYC to participate in the blessing of the fleet and clear customs and immigration for our trip. Our perishable provisions were brought on board, sponsor decals applied to the hull with the help of family and friends and we slipped our mooring at 13:00 Bravo to the ... Read more
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