Day 9-10 – Heading out again

After rising fairly bright and early after a late night, boat maintenance was seen to. The sail was stitched up by Tyla, Wendy, Josh and Ewan, while the rest of the crew sent Kyle up the mast to take down the forestay for repair.

While returning from errands, Kyle and Ewan traversed through Luderitz on foot, and 10 meters from the house where the sail work was taking place they turned to walk in a circle, getting completely lost. Their help was much appreciated.

We had planned to leave this morning, but the work took longer than anticipated – we only finished putting up the forestay at about 20:00. We really enjoyed our supper of meatballs and rice with beans and veg, prepared by Kerryn.

This morning we put up the Genoa only to find that we had re-attached one of the parts upside down! We didn’t want to stay another day taking down the forestay again, so we decided to rather sail in alternating shifts of using our gennaker, storm jib and spinnakers until st Helena.

Upon returning our tender, a prank on Ewan backfired, resulting in Josh taking an impromptu swim – with his cell phone. The device is expected to make a full recovery in our rice supply. Wendy, much to her own dismay is picking up the rest of the crew’s meme inspired lingo.

We were finally ready to depart from Luderitz! We had really enjoyed the hospitality and adventure, but were eager to get going again.

This afternoon we left the fishing lines out to see what we could catch, and were rewarded! After letting all 100m of the line by accident, we caught a yellowtail we assume was about 3kg! We are all looking forward to a tasty s

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