Day 16

The crew has settled into the routine of making bread each day for lunch, and doing their allotted chores. Kyle has initiated the FBBI – federal bureau of boat investigation – to ensure that the girls lean off the edge of the boat while grooming, so that none of their hair ends up cluttering our vessel.

The wind was almost non-existent, and we spent the afternoon having great fun swimming behind the boat (we let out a 50m line and with a buoy at the end, and all swam alongside that just in case).

The crew continues their literary pursuits, – exchanging and reading many books – as well as their tanning and chilling routines. We found some zooplankton (potentially squid larvae) as well as accompanying parasites!

The wind dropped even more in the evening, resulting in us motoring through the night. The sea was almost glassy, and the boat left a trail of faintly sparkling bio-luminescence. It was discovered that upon shining a torch into the water, illuminated even more, making it look like there were stars under the boat!)

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