Day 13

The cloudy days at sea have filled our crew with a weird, bored energy. This has presented itself in many ways. The female crew members did their hair and Kyle decided that any hair found on the deck was 100% unacceptable and strict rules have been set as to where hair can be brushed.

Hours were spent reading with tunnel vision. Peter even ended up stealing Ewan’s book for the day, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Joshua spent his bored hours snacking on whatever he could find, or helping Kyle with his ever so slightly obsessive cleaning.

Even a batch of cupcakes was made, which went down a treat with hot drinks after lunch.

Kerryn attempted to make roasted vegetables, but unfortunately the little gas oven was not powerful enough.

Especially since Rory discouraged her to follow her gut to pre-cook the vegetables. Fortunately some veg was salvaged, and mixed with various cans from our supplies until it tasted alright. Peaches and custard definitely saved the day.

At night, it has been really dark with no moon. Even the stars have been covered by clouds. Sometimes you just feel totally alone, focused on the instruments and steering straight.

We’ve been bonding as a crew- teasing each other and staying in good spirits.
Lastly, thanks to Rotary for our beautiful purple bag.

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