Delivery day 9

S 29°02.102’ W 007°53.812’

The whole crew has been making an effort to keep a straight line due south, as we have discovered we are sitting in between two high pressure systems. This means that our weather is good but the window is fairly small.

Sailing is pretty comfortable, with fairly consistent wind- coming from behind us. It’s still warm, but the intensity of the previous heat is gone and we’ve had a few light showers. This has given us a chance to fly both the purple, and the white spinnakers… and Rob’s pole has proven sturdy thus far. In the fishing department- the wish for fish has been granted, and Stan reeled in four decent sized yellow-fin tuna! Tonight is really going to be a fish feast! I’m not sure if we can even eat as many as four… we’ll let you know in the next blog 😉

The whole crew is content, and really settled into the tilted routine on board.

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