Delivery day 22

S 34°33.250’ E 017°55.509’

Wild weather- you either love it, or you hate it. Riding the 2m swells in the 20-30 knot winds around the Cape of Storms show you exactly what you’re made of.

Some of us are jumping at the chance to helm, rising to the challenge of keeping the boat riding smoothly (and not bouncing on the waves, which feels like sledgehammers being taken to the hull from down below.) And the others have adopted the foetal position.

Doing anything down below has become an extreme sport. Sleeping is a huge achievement because of all the rocking and bouncing, and only half the bunks are dry. The cabin is pretty wet, and the forepeak is now uninhabitable.

Cooking is almost insane… standing in a cramped space with pots of boiling goodness threatening to empty their contents all over the galley and the cook, and sometimes sliding slightly, as if to prove their threats are not empty. Thankfully the galley is designed for balancing everything, no matter how precarious that balance may be.

The most extreme sport has to be going to the heads. The toilet closes down on you, and you have to wrestle the throne and its surrounding walls in order to achieve anything. While this is happening, the toilet water tends to splash out beneath the seat, and into the bilge… or any unfortunate legs in the way.

On the bright side, cleaning the heads has become a lot easier, all one needs to do is open the window, and set the used toilet paper free into the sea. This morning, Rob made the rookie mistake of emptying the tub inside the guardrails, leaving the deck littered by its nasty contents. Luckily the sea took care of the mess within minutes. (Mother nature- what can I say…) We have just sighted Cape Point, and still aim to be back tomorrow morning. This now leaves us with bittersweet feelings, as we brave the last of our epic adventure, with salt in our hair, and grins on our faces.

The crew of JML Rotary Scout would like to thank all our sponsors, without you none of this would’ve been possible.

Thank you all for reading and joining us on our adventure!

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