Delivery day 20

S 35°27.606’ E 13°53.416’

The wind dropped during the night, and we had clear skies for the first time in a while. The slow bob at two knots made it difficult to stay awake.

But fear not- this is not a tale of tragedy, but rather a tale of triumph!

This morning everything went up; the winds picked up, the spinnaker was raised, our spirits soared, and our anticipation built. We reached our fastest speed for the delivery trip so far, a peak of 12.1 knots. Peter christened the weather “cowboy weather”, and rightly so, the boat was really moving.

We have started to run out of certain luxuries like butter, coffee, hot chocolate, and the prized rooibos. This means we’ve had to cut down on most drinks, and be creative to produce those all important tasty meals in the galley.

Rob experimented with bean-corn-egg-soy sauce porridge (because of the decision to “go to town” with the remaining food) which the crew panel of cuisine expertise rated as interesting. Some of us appreciated it, and others not so much.

We hooked one fish today, and upon hearing the rod, Stan burst out of the heads at a speed of knots at the prospect of a fish- only to learn that it had gotten away as he reached the cockpit. This made for a good laugh though, so we almost didn’t mind losing the fish. Stan, however, is still salty.

The anticipation of arriving in Cape Town hangs thick in the air and cannot be blown away by the wind.

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