Delivery day 19

S 35°39.420’ W 011°33.000’

The crew are all anticipating arriving in Cape Town – at the moment the ETA is on Friday – and there have been a few schemes hatched for our arrival; Stan insists on coming in, beer in hand, blaring music, (‘coming in hot and blowing out snot’ he calls it) whilst some of the more aesthetic-seeking minds fancy coming in on a nice sunset.

The wind has been consistently inconsistent; we know roughly at what times it drops and picks up again, and are using our gennaker for an added touch of speed.

The most eventful happening of the day was perhaps the repair of the outhaul which snapped due to the main luffing – thankfully the wind wasn’t too strong at that time; otherwise the crew have had a relaxing jol and are licking their lips at the smell of the fruit loaf Kerryn is busy baking.



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