Delivery day 17

S 35°46.607 W 006°44.136

The crew have all retreated into hibernation mode – those who previously swore alliteracy are now comfortably awaiting their watches in their bunks, eagerly reading and swapping books from people’s various stashes.

The sun comes and goes, and the wind has a chilly bite, but we are speeding along and enjoying such comforts as warm beds and hot foods.

But alas! Our hot drinks supplies are dwindling! We are now rationing our hot chocolate, rooibos and coffee – there remaining salon and ginger teas are the main beverage of choice now, and the teabags are all being saved to try and re-purpose.

We also mourn the end of our stock of tuna, and we now delve back into our cans of food with a lack of fish but a bit more variety.

A couple days ago, Harry drew a smiley face on a sleeping Warrick’s belly with koki. The then-victim swore revenge in the form of taking a poop in Harry’s bag – which the crew all laughed at heartily, thinking it to be a joke. However, while digging through his bag last night, Harry found a ziplock bag containing mysterious brown stuff (unbeknown to him it was muffin mix), which the rest of the crew were in stitches over, and Warrick was grinning maniacally.

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