Delivery day 16

S 35°42.100’ W 004°03.348’

The evidence of our southerly position is the growing bite in the air. After the wind changed yesterday the air has been chilly, so the frequency of crew members in the cockpit is mostly limited to being on watch and eating lunch and supper. Foulies are all the rage, and the various coloured suits are being modelled aboard the Rotary Scout.

We are happy to report that the spinnaker we repaired is as good as new, and depending on who you ask, some of us would argue better.

We are nearing the end of our frozen fish supply consisting of the massive tuna that featured in day 12 of the delivery blog. That fish was cut into two fillets, and each fillet cut into four portions. Each of the eight portions did us one meal (cut into steaks and normally fried). We now only have one packet left in the freezer for tonight.

The ocean treated us to fresh fish today, Stan brought in a decent yellow fin tuna- which was fried to perfection by Yarrel, and eaten with cornbread and spiced onions.

We’re currently sailing on a close reach, homeward bound!

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