Delivery day 15

S 35°45.817’ W 001°57.200’

We all are thoroughly enjoying the wind – with our spinnaker up, we reached the whopping speed of 10.5 knots! This morning at around 4:00 we crossed the Greenwich meridian with a proud hoot of the airhorn – and mumble of a sleepy crew, some of which did not even hear the horn!

Warrick has been bent on catching us a nice fish for when our tuna stock inevitably runs out – every time a fishing rod is heard whining under the stress of a potential meal, the sound is accompanied with a hearty ‘GO GET IT WARRICK! ‘(He is yet to complete reeling in a catch, but remains hopeful.) Kerryn, among all her sailing duties, has found the treated the crew to all variates of garlic bread, fruit loaf, caramelised onions, and – a new crew favourite – cornbread.

Rob has been dubbed ‘the black hole’ – always able (and willing) to devour the leftovers, extras and scraps, not putting on weight and never seemingly full; much to the crew’s amusement.

Everybody else has spent their spare time knotting, reading and chilling in the sun.

This afternoon we were all overtaken by some rain, and we are all thrilled at the prospect of using our cold-weather gear, as well as being able to enjoy some hot meals drinks!

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  1. Anne Fitzpatrick February 9, 2019 at 9:09 am

    Best of luck catching a huge fish Warrick! And when you do I hope Kerryn has a pan big enough to cook it in!
    What an adventure for you all – enjoying reading the blog where it’s blustery & very cold here in North Vancouver on the Westcoast. Unlike your balmy & warm Weskus where The Rotary Scout will be docking soon. Hugs to you Warrick & best wishes to the crew & your fellow Scouts

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