Delivery day 14

S 35°20.445’ W 001°13.530’

The whole night was super chilled for all the crew members. We bobbed around… due to lack of wind at the mercy of the huge ocean. We found ourselves silently wishing we still had a fully functional motor. (Even a functional one would’ve been amazing.) Thank goodness the high didn’t last longer than the night. We got decent wind this morning and have been going very nicely since doing a sail change; the spinnaker no longer worked for our point of sail.

We decided to put up the spare genoa, as it is bigger than its current counterpart. The original genoa gave us a bit of a hassle coming down, as the slider got stuck at the top of the forestay. Rob jumped into action and up the mast- much to Tyla’s disappointment, as she was hoping to climb up next. But the bigger genoa is comfortable, and on board we are too.

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