Delivery day 12

S 33°35.595’ W 004°06.535’

The big Dorado caught yesterday was halved, and one half was fried up and eaten with the burgers for a scrumptious Surf & Turf dinner, and the other half was thrown in the freezer. We got very excited about the fillet, as it took up half of a large Zip-Lock bag, and felt substantial.

Just after supper, the fishing rods called out to us again in their high-pitched voices, beckoning us with haste. There was something big caught on the port line.

Great excitement filled the air, and Warrick applied himself to reeling in the protesting line. But the struggle was too great, so Steely Stan took over. He fought long and hard, and the chatter of the crew started to go along the lines of, “That’s not a fish…”

“We’re dragging a tire.”

“Maybe the line’s caught on a rope?”

But as it finally got close to the boat, the chatter increased exponentially in energy, as there appeared a large shape in the water, which seemed to be beautifully glowing.

We had a massive, blue-fin tuna. The thing was 20+ kg. It took a marathon again just to fillet it.

Once the fish was filleted, and each fillet cleaned and quartered, it was after 23h00. We filled 7 large Zip-Lock bags with fresh tuna, and peter enjoyed a whole bowl of it (with soy sauce), right there and then, without even making a dent in the amount of fresh meat.

So today, we had 8 Zip-Lock bags of fish in the fridge, so there is no need for us to even touch the canned food. For lunch we ate fried tuna steaks and mango bread- which really hit the spot.

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