Delivery Day 11

S 32°33.070 W 005°37.333

During the nights, we played around with our spinnaker, getting really good speeds and all in good spirits. This morning however, we heard a suspicious ‘clunk’, and ran up to discover that one of the spinnaker sheets had broken (a simple enough repair in itself) which had caused the spinnaker to flap around and obtain a small rent.

The crew have all taken turns in helping mend the spinny, and otherwise seeing what familiar towns and cities of South Africa we sail in line with – if just a little more to the west. There have also been exchanges of popular restaurants and fast-food joints, as the crew look forward to things like slap chips and water that doesn’t taste like plastic.

The crew, despite their reminiscing, have been eating like kings. Tonight we are making burgers; the past two nights we have had a delicious malva pudding, and this afternoon a massive dorado was caught by an ecstatic Stan.

Stanley made the mistake of commenting that he likes eating with spoons more often than with forks – he is now only given spoons. The crew find this quite amusing when we are eating for instance fish.

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