Delivery day 10

S 30°53.950 W 007°27.737

The crew has had a relaxing day chilling, sleeping, reading and eating.

A short rope was tied to the back of the boat, and some of the more energetic crew members swam off the stern – the speed that the boat was going made this quite the adventure.

We have enough fish left over for supper tonight! Stan’s fishing endeavors have served us well. Kerryn has also been cooking ferociously, baking most of the bread as well as re-stocking the crew’s nearly-replenished mango chilli sauce.

Rob’s spinnaker pole has worked wonders – it has been up for more than 24 hours now!

Harry put a mango pit in the hand of a sleeping Stan, sending the crew into fits of laughter when the poor man woke with an ‘ewww’.

Yarrel’s coffee has also become something of a laughing matter; every time someone would make beverages for the crew he continually forgot to specify that he takes his coffee black, and the crew found this very funny. The situation was eventually remedied, and he now happily sips his black coffee.

Plans of mango beer for the adults are also being formulated…

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