Day 8 – Laundry day

After the battle to surface because of chattering into the night and making Pro-Nutro in Ewan’s mouth, the Rotary Scout crew decided that a round of laundry was in order.

Lines were strung and threaded through our freshly dripping garments which dried pretty fast in the strong wind. A consequence of this activity was that one of Tyla’s favourite left socks was whipped up and flung into the sea- lost forever. That’s what you get when you make someone else do your laundry… Fortunately for Tyla’s dismal, soggy left sock, Wendy and Rory were on standby with the tender we have borrowed from a generous yachtsman. Lo and behold the left sock was rescued- and Tyla was grateful to the saviours of the striped left sock.

An unfortunate Kyle and Ewan made salt water hot chocolate, which was only registered after a solid 10 seconds.

Work was done on the boat while it was festively decorated with the crews clothing. Joshua was hoisted up the mast to fix the pole-up, the bow plate was reattached, and the fuel and water were topped up.

Joshua made toasted sandwiches for everyone, after that, even more time was spent exploring Lüderitz. If you were an observer you might’ve noticed a young Capetonian dashing around trying to find an open bathroom… We decided to book a table at a harbour side restaurant for supper instead of cooking. The food there was tasty and really hit the spot. (I’d definitely recommend their massive chips.) We returned to the boat at about 10pm, and Tyla, Ewan and Kyle stayed up till midnight with Wendy, who received her Matric results. Wendy did well and is pleased with her results, and this was celebrated with chocolate and songs sung in relief.

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