Day 31 – Almost home

We awoke to wind at 0520 and attempted to sail the gennaker on a broad reach but within minutes the wind was gusting to 22 knots so we quickly bagged it and continued to sail on a down run averaging aroung 7 knots. By sunset we looked set to do 180nm in a 24 hour period . We passed Bolero in the dusk and realized that Cape Town was within reach.

This will be the last blog for this ocean passage as we expect to be in Cape Town by tomorrow afternoon.

It has been a special privilege to write this blog and to share this adventure on JML Rotary Scout.

As a crew we have pulled together through times of adversity and pushed our own personal limits .We take with us knowledge of the sea and sailing , new friendships of a very special bond and deep personal inner strength.

Our deepest thanks to Grant Chapman and Peter Bosch for all of the preparation and planning and for enabling us to seize the opportunity of a lifetime.

A new adventure awaits….

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