Day 29 – Sighting Bolero

The night sky was clear again and those interested have spent quite a bit of time getting to know the names of the stars and the constellations above, and a fair amount of competition arises in naming them accurately.

At 0500 Bolero called us up on the VHF but, despite receiving their transmission clearly, we were , for some reason, unable to send. At 0900 we sighted Bolero on our port side, but repeated attempts to contact them failed. Bolero then slipped behind our stern and we lost visual as they dropped south. We were left wondering as to the reason of their course change.

We did some housekeeping on board, reassessed our food reserves and in so doing found a delicious pudding mix that we baked and served with an orange and cream sauce. Bully beef eventually made its grand appearance on the evening menu, however the serving suggestion that Freddie offered was turned down, so Jane made a bully beef oven baked hash with a cheese topping.

Despite sailing goose-winged the entire day, the wind dropped at sunset and we made the decision to motor despite our limited fuel reserves.

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