Day 14

The morning was cloudy again, and we finished our store-bought bread and were thus able to bake some. Joshua took charge of this, and for lunch we had two amazing loaves of beer-bread and butter.

Various crew members also took swims, and rosters and meal plans were re-arranged.

We are checking our grib files to ensure that we are maximizing the winds of the St Helena high pressure system, and we are travelling at a steady pace.

The sunset and stars last night were especially lovely, and we all really enjoyed the evening – despite the autohelm battery going flat. Night shifts are now warm enough to not need foul-weather gear.

This morning, Wendy managed to lose a cup overboard while brushing her teeth! Sadly the poor piece of crockery was speeding away too fast for us to go back for it. We decided for the good of the trip, we would have to go on without it.

The crew are all having fun and catching up on sleep.

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