Cathleen Hughes


Scout Group
1st Fish hoek Sea Scouts
Position in crew
Halyard hoister and organiser
Where I live
How first got involved in sailing and what attracts me to the sport.
I started sailing in Scouts and enjoy the thrill and adventure of racing as anything can happen
What my challenges were prior to Cape2Rio and how has this voyage changed my perception of sailing thus far
Lipton Challenge Cup, completed my Day Skipper’s sailing ticket, voyage confrimed that I want to be a professional yachty
How do you see the group dynamic on the yacht and where do you fit in in all of this. What is your role on the yacht?
Group dynamic is family-like with high spirits, I feel that I play a supportive role towards my fellow female crew member among all the boys and lend an ear in times of need.
What are you looking forward to in Rio and what have you heard about the people of Brazil?
The cultural difference and diversity and food in Brazil and nightlife.
What my plans are after the Cape 2 Rio experience?
Yachtmasters offshore sailing ticket
My other pastimes and sports
Scuba diving, surfing, hockey, touch rugby.